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LC-BD8108TH de Linkwin Technology

LC-BD8108TH de Linkwin Technology

Message par stones001 » Sam 24 Mars 2012 18:03

Bonjour à tous,

Quelqu'un a déjà vu ou testé le LC-BD8108TH de Linkwin Technology ?

Là ou HDI met deux ans à nous pondre des tuners DVB-C ou DVB-S pour leurs platines, il semble que ce joujou en soit déjà équipé...

Bon, c'est 120% made in China, d'accord .... mais sait-on jamais....

512M DDR2
2GB Flash
WIFI: USB WIFI(802.11n)
HDMI 1.3 x 1
SD,MMC,MS card reader
3.5 SATA HDD tray
Samba, NFS, UPnP

●All media, one box: the most powerful player in the world, makes blu-ray disc player, hdd player, IPTV player, set top box, personal computer in one box.
●Powerful Sigma Design8642 chipset with stable performance.
●High grade invisible VFD with user-friendly control.
●Compact and smart internal design, using excellent anti-interference components. The user-friendly unique design with slanted front panel.
●Internal 3.5’SATA HDD tray to put the hard disc easily.
●Internal Sanyo BD loader with stable quality.
●Abundant interface: stereo analog, component, CVBS, coaxial, optical, HDMI1.2, USB-Host, WIFI, DVB(DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S, DMB-TH, ATSC, ISDB), Card reader socket, 7.1Analog. etc.
●Modern accessories: wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, WIFI, card reader, blutooth, etc..
●BD function:
AIO is a standard blu-ray disc player, which has internal Sanyo BD loader with stable quality. AIO can not only playback blu-ray disc, but also can playback CD and DVD. With the Bdlive function, users can surf the internet to watch interesting moments of the movie and enjoy the interactive games.
The main disc that AIO supported are: BD-Video, BD-R/RE, DVD-Video, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, etc..
●HDD function:
AIO has internal 3.5 SATA HDD tray with user friendly design. AIO can playback most of the SD and HD files. AIO has 3 USB2.0 host ports ( 2 at the rear panel, 1 in front panel), can connect the external USB devices (such as USB mass storage, CD/DVD ROM, blutooth Dongle, MP3/MP4/MP5 player, camera and so on) expediently. With card reader, AIO can read all kinds of SD, MMC, MS cards.
AIO can support any kinds of internal SATA 3.5’ hard disc and external USB devices.
●STB (set top box) function:
AIO is a standard set top box with DVB module (including DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S, DMB-TH, ATSC, ISDB), can be customed. With DVB-T function, you can not only watch TV programs via AIO, but also can record them. Such as record while watching: record TV1 while watching TV1, record TV1 while watching TV2, and reserved REC.
●IPTV function:
For a long time, human is limited by a given space and time. Now AIO will change this situation. Just connect AIO to the network, then you can watch hundreds sets of DBS (direct broadcasting by satellite ) TV programs, thousands of movies, no matter wherever and whenever you are.
Now most of these DBS TV programs are Chinese. Can be customed as requested.
●PC function:
AIO has multiple PC functions. With AIO, you can:
Surf the internet: AIO has internal broswer to surf the internet smoothly;
Send email: do business easily;
Chat on line: use instant messengers such as MSN/Skype/Yahoo/QQ to communicate with your friends;
Watch video: just click the video icon: NETFLIX/BLOCKBUSTER/YouTube/PPS/PPLIVE, etc., and enjoy the videos;
Play games; <,/TD>
Control desktop: control desktop easily, needn’t to move the devices.
●Game function:
Besides the online games, AIO also has some cool motion sensor games that ends of the traditional games. Just keep in doors, and enjoy sprots and experience the real movement.
●Other function:
AIO will have some new functions through firmware upgrade, such as playback 3D movies, Karaoke, video phone on network, GPS guidance, etc.
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