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iPad App : Bug Report

iPad App : Bug Report

Message par bassfiend » Mer 25 Jan 2012 23:30

Hi Guys,

I'm using the Zappiti app on the iPad and I have a few "bugs" to report...

1) I have 1251 movies in my collection - I can only view 20 "pages" down into my collection and then on beginning to load the 21st page the Zappiti app crashes out and leaves me on the main program screen. This is absolutely repeatable. (My Zappitidata.dt is nearly 550Mb in size...)

2) The "All My Files"option on the Dune takes you to "All", "123", "A", "B", "C" ... "X", "Y", "Z" options so that I can actually get to all my files ... on teh iPad it just goes straight to displaying all files - you can't view by letter etc.

3) My DVD ISOs are in a network folder \\Moe\DVDs and my BluRay ISOs are in \\Moe\BluRays ... I have a Zappiti ".df" file on my iPad and if I turn on the Dune then I can't pick a DVD to play back until I've manually accessed \\Moe\DVDs using the Dunes own GUI - same with BluRays.

4) If a DVD or BluRay ISO is playing and you go from the transport screen back to the Details screen then back to the Movies screen and select another movie then it doesn't start the newly selected movie. (Maybe it should send a "Stop" before sending the "Play <filename>" command?)

That'll do for now - more to come later I'm sure. ;)

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